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Member of the Arizona Production Association since 2015

Creative Beauty Agency -

 -Artistic Advisor

 -Master Hair and Makeup Artist

College Mentoring -

 -Professional Mentor for the Beauty Industry

The Makeup Designory, Burbank CA

 -Wedding Makeup, Beauty Makeup, Character Makeup, SPFX , Light Hairstyling

Colorado State University

 -BA in Business Management

Kent State University, Kent Ohio

 -Fashion Design

Sephora, San Diego, CA

 -Color Consultant

The Powder Room, Makeup Oasis and Boutique, Cleveland OH

 -Makeup Artist and Sales Consultant



Luca Magazine

Northern Clover

Sun Protection Zone

Brand DNA Agency

Bettie Bags

Allied PRA Arizona

7Lightning Bolt- JD Neilson

The Art Deco Society of LA Fashion Show

Romeo & Juliet Couture

Bettie Bags by Bettie Bynum

Millennium Modeling & Talent Agency Inc.

Bring Media

Alliance Group Entertainment

Desert Diamond Casinos


Melissa Bring         
Brian Leahy            
Michael Mordler Photo
Olesja Mueller           
Kim Grisco             


Jodie Sweetin

Tatyana Ali

Bettie Bynum

Justin Berti

Malese Jow

Lissa Laurie

Gary LeRoi Gray

AZ State Senator Dr Kelli Ward

Chris Hayes

Johnny Wactor

Carlo Rota

Ron Gilbert

Jim Calloway

Garrett Forbes

Honor Spencer

Lauren Spencer


Key MUA/Hair                     2019 "Fun World: The Movie" (In Production)                              Michael Palance

Key MUA/Hair                     2019 “Schtick With Us” Season 2 (TV Series)                                 Michael Palance

Key MUA/Hair                     2019 “Fun World” Season 2 (TV Series)                                          Michael Palance

Key MUA/Hair                     2018 “Schtick With Us” (TV Series)                                                  Michael Palance

Key MUA/Hair                     2018 “Fun World” (TV Series)                                                           Michael Palance

MU Dept Head                    2018 Desert Diamond Casino Tuscon (Commercial)                  Ashley Roggenbuck

MU Dept Head                    2018 "The Violet Blaze Chronicles" (Short Film)                          Mickey Small

Key MUA/Hair                      2018 Desert Diamond West Valley Casino (Commercial)          Rob Cousineau

Key MUA/Hair                      2017 “Valley of the Sun” Westin Hotel Phoenix (Commercial)  Tyler Funk

MUA/Hair                             2016 Arizonians for Healthy Families Campaign (Commercial) Colin Rogero

MUA                                      2016 Live MSNBC Interview for AZ State Senator Dr Kelli Ward

Key MUA                              2011 "Set You Free" Mobilio (ft. Rachel Kiser)                              Steven Itano Wasserman

KEY MUA                              2011 "Famous" Lissa Laurie Music Video

KEY MUA/SPFX                    2011 “The Creation of Evil" (Short Film)                                         Charles Van Loucks

KEY MUA                              2010 "Golden Box" (Short Film)                                                       Matthew McDonald

Asst. MUA                            2010 “Son of a Don”                                                                           Herbert James Winterstern

KEY MUA                              2009 “Makeup” (Short Film)                                                              Jessica Stevens

Asst. MUA                            2008 The Golden Acorn Casino (Commercial)

MUA                                      2007 “Finger on the Trigger" Never Heard of It                            Raul Perez

KEY SPFX MUA                    2007 "The Exorcist 07” Student Directors Cut                               Chris Anastas

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